Capital Futbol Club; a nonprofit, volunteer-run soccer club dedicated to organizing, developing, and preparing players for success on and off the pitch. CapitalFC builds community by organizing teams for kids to play soccer, instilling a passion for the game, and seeking ways to promote diversity.

CapitalFC strives to put the player first. Our mix of in-season league play, off-season pick-up games and technical training, and specialized Academy tournaments are designed to put players in a position to excel on the field.  Players interested in travel soccer that need additional training first are also eligible to participate with our teams as developmental players.  This allows CapitalFC to be fully inclusive for all dedicated players that want to learn the game.

If you’re interested in CapitalFC and one of our teams, please contact us. We are eager to accommodate any child interested in competitive soccer and will be pleased to have him or her practice with the team and be evaluated by our coaches. We hold club-wide tryouts once a year in late spring or early summer. We hold subsequent tryouts on a team-by-team basis. After completing tryouts, players will be selected based on technical and physical ability, desire to compete, commitment to attendance at practice sessions and games, and future potential to grow as a soccer player. It is our club policy that player selections and team assignments are made by coaches in consultation with the club technical director.

It is the policy of Capital FC that all players, parents and coaches conduct themselves according to the VYSA codes of conduct and league codes of conduct. Codes of conduct can be found in rules and procedures manuals with VYSA, NCSL, ODSL. They generally require that participants conduct themselves in keeping with state and league rules; they exhibit sportsmanship; they are respectful to other players and officials; are respectful to other’ s property; and appropriately reflect the highest principles of the game. Each player, coach, and parent who be required to sign appropriate codes of conduct.

We are sanctioned, recognized, and insured by Virginia Youth Soccer Association (responsible for all organized soccer in Washington DC) as a travel club. We partner with the Sports On the Hill recreation soccer program. We have teams playing in two different travel leagues: National Capital Soccer League and Old Dominion Soccer League. Our teams participate in travel soccer tournaments sanctioned by VYSA. We’re also eligible to play in US Youth Soccer Association sanctioned events.  Our teams are professionally coached by coaches that have received USSF licenses.

Please click link to view Capital Futbol Club’s Bylaws

VYSA travel clubs: http://www.vysa.com/Members/34627/index_E.html