Skills videos for Players

Ball mastery is the core for player success.  Many of the techniques shown below are the ones that I have been using in practices for CapitalFC United as part of the Coerver Coaching system.  Continue to check here as I will be posting more.  These activities are great to try if practice is cancelled or if you want to work on your own and can be in front of a computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.  Most can be done inside with bare feet or sneakers in a small area.  Once you get the basics, put your cleats on and try them outside.  Some of the videos will start with how to do a move, and will then progress to how those can be incorporated into practices — so players should focus mostly on the first part of these videos.  If you have links that you like, shoot me an email and I will get it posted.  If you take your own video of a new move that you want others to try, send me that too and I will post!

Coach Mike


Skill Videos


Coerver Moves

Feints for In front of Goal

Basic Feints – Stepover, Scissors, etc.

Executing the U-Turn

Stepover and Slap-Stepover

Shimmy and Shimmy Stepover

Drag Push and Drag Scissors

Side Step and Double Side Step

Slap Cut and Double Slap Cut

Matthews-Matthews Scissors-MatthewsScissorsLeanPush

Whip and Reverse Whip

Inside and Outside of Foot Twist Off

Pull-Step Through and Pull Through Scissors


Striker Techniques

Side on Receiving Ball


Famous Players Showing Off Moves and Tricks

Elastico by Ronaldinho

Juggling Tricks – C.Ronaldo vs Jeremy Lynch


Kids Showing Moves and Practice Techniques

9-yr old getting hundreds of touches on ball – backyard drills



Striking the Ball to Make it Dip (Ronaldo-style)

Bending it like Beckham