Welcome to Capital Futbol Club

Congratulations on being selected to a 2016-2017 team!

Please read the following rules and guidelines for travel soccer players with Capital Futbol Club. Accepting a roster spot with a CapitalFC team means that you agree with all items contained in this commitment letter.


Player and Parent Commitment Confirmation

The commitment is to a year round program, with a focus on both the fall and spring seasons, and a less formal commitment in the winter months. The fall season begins in mid-August and goes until mid-November, and the spring begins in March and goes through mid-June. Teams will also offer optional training and futsal leagues during the winter months to keep the players agile and their skills sharp. CapitalFC also offers summer camps which are purely optional but a wonderful way to continue to build on what was learned during the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Teams begin practicing in August so that there are 2 to 4 weeks of training before the start of each season. That means that any other sport your child plays should be secondary to soccer training sessions, games and tournaments during these seasons.


  1. When placed on the roster, each player commits to being at all games unless they are ill, injured or have a major and unavoidable family event etc.  

  2. While players may play multiple sports, which may create occasional conflicts, players recognize that the commitment to the team is for two to three weekly soccer practices through the fall and spring seasons along with games on the weekends.

  3. Although our training programs are strenuous and challenging, they are age appropriate and coaches are expected to adhere to U.S. Youth Soccer recommendations.


CapitalFC coaches provide a very challenging and fun environment to learn and love the game of soccer. The coaches will also expect individual work both solo or in small groups to accelerate the development process. This extra work will be outlined by your coach in verbal feedback and written evaluations. Hard work and commitment are qualities needed to excel in any sport.


By agreeing to accept an offer to play in CapitalFC, a player is promising to give their best efforts to participate in every event the team schedules. That promise will greatly increase a player’s chance to become the best player possible and to assist the team in reaching its goals.


Capital Futbol Club is a volunteer-run organization. The club relies on the help of parent volunteers to provide their time and talent and serve in critical roles such as team officials, board members, committee members, league representatives, team managers, and in many other roles. As such, you agree to participate in supporting the club by way of taking on a volunteer role at either the team or club level. Any and all support is vital to the success of the club, the team, and the development of the players on it.


PLAYER Obligation

By accepting the position on the team, your child agrees:

  • To make soccer the priority sport for the fall and spring seasons.

  • To be responsible for knowing about club and team activities and updates by reading team and club emails and checking team and club websites

  • To being on-time and attending ALL practices, games and other team events and notifying the coach and/or team manager in a timely manner if you will be tardy or unable to make a practice, game, or meeting

  • Communicating frequently with coaches and listening to them as well

  • Focusing and working hard during all team events

  • Practicing soccer skills and conditioning on your own

  • Accepting the coach’s tactical decisions (player positioning, play time, etc.)

  • Respecting teammates and only giving positive encouragement

  • Agreeing to abide by all club, league, tournament and other event codes of conduct

  • Attending ALL team league games (including Spring break weekend), tournaments (most on holiday weekends) and State Cup play (Saturdays)

  • Having a positive attitude and never quitting

  • Not acting in any way that is detrimental to the team or the club.


PARENT Obligation
As a parent of a travel soccer player on a Capital Futbol Club team, you agree to:

  • Accept the team placement of your child.

  • Be responsible for knowing about club and team activities and updates by reading team and club emails and checking team and club website

  • Paying all Club Fees and Team dues; turn in all required forms and purchase club uniform kit by their due dates

  • Attend and participate in all team meetings

  • Help your child meet team and club expectations and commitments.

  • Assist your child to be on-time and attend ALL practices, games and other team events

  • Notifying your child’s coach and/or team manager in a timely manner if your child will be tardy or unable to make a practice, game, or meeting

  • Volunteer your services and talents for the team and/or club. This includes EVERY parent volunteering for the team schedule to monitor a team practice/event, or volunteering for a team job or club volunteer position

  • Be encouraging, supportive, and affirmative in regard to your child’s play on the field

  • Familiarize yourself with the Laws of the Games and respect officials and accept their decisions

  • Not engaging in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent; and understanding that there are severe consequences for dissent and unsportsmanlike conduct such as banishment from your child’s future games or future club activities

  • Support the coach and the team and not interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach

  • Accept the coach’s decisions (playing time, player position, tactics, etc.) and not be detrimental to a positive playing environment

  • Comply with the rules, policies, directions, and procedures of the team, administrators, and board members of the club as they apply to you

  • Not act in any way that is detrimental to the team or Capital Futbol Club

  • Commit to your child’s attendance at ALL team league games (including Spring break weekend), tournaments (most on holiday weekends) and State Cup play (Saturdays).  Your coach and team manager will provide you with a tournament forecast prior to the season start so your family can plan for these activities.


2016-2017 Financial Obligation

We understand and accept the following financial terms outlined below to play with CapitalFC. Each player with Capital FC is required to pay annual Club Fee and Team Dues.  The Club Fee is helps pay CapitalFC ’s administrative costs, such as field permits, insurance, web-site maintenance.  The Team Dues are more directly related to supporting and paying each team’s coaching staff, as well as entry fees for tournaments and league fees.


The 2016-2017 Club Fee for each player is $350, and must be paid upon acceptance of the offer to join the team.  The Team Dues, which can be paid in one lump sum or in four installments, are based on your child’s birth year or team placement, as follows:

  • 2008 & 2007 $1,300

  • 2006 & 2005 $1,500

  • 2004, 2003 & 2002 $1,600

  • 2001 & prior $1,750


Club Fees and Dues may be paid in one payment or in installments. The payment schedule is listed below:



2008 & 2007


2006 & 2005


2004, 2003

& 2002


2001 & older

Club Fee due today

$      350.00

$     350.00

$      350.00

$       350.00

August 1, 2016

$      400.00

$     425.00

$      450.00

$       475.00

November 1, 2016

$      400.00

$     425.00

$      450.00

$       475.00

January 15, 2017

$      250.00

$     350.00

$      400.00

$       425.00

March 1, 2017

$      250.00

$     300.00

$      300.00

$       375.00


(Club Fee + Team Dues)

$   1,650.00

$  1,850.00

$      1,950.00

$     2,100.00

Should you choose the installment payment plan, only credit cards or debit cards with an expiration date of April 2017 or later date will be accepted.


CapitalFC is proud to be one of the most affordable competitive  travel soccer clubs in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. That said, families will also be responsible for other costs associated with travel soccer for which families, such as costs for game and practice uniforms. Additionally, many tournaments require out-of-town travel and overnight stays. In short, the Club Fee and Team Dues are not the only expenses your family will be responsible for, and we ask that you understand this financial commitment before accepting team roster spot.  


Failure to fulfill your financial obligations will result in the suspension of your son’s/daughter’s eligibility to play with CapitalFC until all payments and applicable late fees are current.


VYSA policy maintains that all registered travel players are responsible for making payments required by their clubs and/or teams. Accordingly, VYSA will not process a transfer of a player from one club/team to another during the seasonal year if that player is not current on his or her financial obligations, provided that (1) the financial obligation is set forth in writing and acknowledged by the player’s family, and (2) the obligation is for the current seasonal year. Families will be asked to agree to this policy when you submit the first Team Dues payment in July.


If a player fails to meet his or her financial obligations pursuant to a written obligation, a club or team may involuntarily release the player at any time during the seasonal year, provided that the team has followed the process as outlined in the VYSA Travel Team Registration Manual (5.27).


Refunds are not issued to players who leave during the soccer seasonal year. Should your child decide to leave for any reason during the soccer seasonal year, you are still responsible for any monies owed to the team and/or club until the entire team dues are paid in full.


Answers to frequently asked questions about team dues can be found here.


Player Scholarships/Financial Aid

CapitalFC Financial aid is 100% needs based, and is available for those families that qualify. In order to be considered for Financial Aid, you must submit an online application NO LATER THAN JULY 16th, 2016. The Financial aid application is posted on the club website:



You will be notified of your award by the treasurer and issued a discount code to pay for your dues online.


Thanks for your commitment, and welcome to CapitalFC!