The Washington Capital United dues are divided into three categories: the $400 club fee that each family is required to pay at registration, the team dues, and uniforms. 

The team dues structure is as follows: 

Age Group (Birth Year) Team Dues Amount Club Fee
U8 (2012) $1,000 $400
U9 - U10 (2010-2011) $1,300 $400
U11 - U12 (2008-2009) $1,400 $400
U13 - U14 (2006-2007) $1,500 $400
U15 - U16 (2004-2005) $1,600 $400
U17 - U18 (2002-2003) $1,700 $400

Through our partners Admiral Sports, Washington Capital United endeavors to provide our members with quality gear at an affordable price. Game and training uniforms run approximately $140. Returning players do not have to purchase new uniforms for the 2019/2020 season.

When is the $400 club fee due?
The $400 club fee serves as the deposit to reserve your players position on a team for 2019/2020.  The club fee is due 72 hours after your player receives an offer to join the club. 

Are there any additional costs?
Members of our top teams (blue) can expect to travel 1-3 times a year for tournaments. Team members are expected to split the cost of travel and additional tournament fees that exceed the allotment given to the team by WCU. Many of our teams fund-raise to offset the additional costs. 

Does WCU offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer parents the option to pay the team dues in four installments due on August 15th, November 15th, January 15th and March 15th. 

What do my dues cover?
Your dues cover the cost of coaching fees, league fees, state registration, equipment,  year-round training and 3-4 tournaments and/or futsal per year (depending on age agroup).   

Does WCU offer scholarships? 
Yes! WCU offers scholarships to assist families with the cost of the TEAM DUES ONLY. Each family is responsible for the $400 club fee and the cost of uniforms.  

How do I apply? 
Scholarship applications can be submitted via the registration form:

Questions or concerns, please contact