Frequently Asked Questions

What is travel soccer?

For players with the desire and commitment to further their skills beyond recreational leagues, WCU’s travel soccer program offers the training and structure necessary to develop a player to his/her full potential. Each coach on the Club’s professional coaching staff holds US Soccer Federation licenses. All teams feature a competitive, year-round training program focused on technical skills, fitness and game strategy.

What are the benefits of travel soccer?

At WCU, we strive to not only develop players to their full soccer potential, but also provide them life skills that outlast the sport. Teams are together for years and players, coaches and parents form a community that can last a lifetime. As players struggle, progress, and celebrate, they learn how to commit themselves to a high standard: how to push themselves to meet expectations; how to gracefully win and lose; and how to work as a team in good and bad times.

What is the time commitment for travel soccer?

Joining WCU is a year-round commitment. Our teams participate in fall and spring leagues, and most teams train and/or play indoor during the winter. Practices are held 2-3 days per week with a league game on the weekend. As the name suggests, games and tournaments frequently require travel. League games are held in DC, VA, MD and WV.

What leagues does Washington Capital United participate in?

WCU teams play in EDP, NCSL and USYS National Lague

How much does travel soccer cost?

See our Dues and Scholarships page for more details

What age groups does Washington Capital United field teams for?

For 2019/2020, the club intends to support players born in 2013 (U7) through 2002 (U18).

How will be child be picked for a team?

Open tryouts will be held in May to form teams for the following year.  During tryouts, all players will be evaluated by the WCU coaches and technical staff. Players who are selected will be assigned to the team that is most appropriate for their skill level.

After May, tryouts will be available only for teams with openings.

See our Tryouts page for more details.

How do I know which age is right for my player?

In 2015, US Soccer mandated that all teams will be formed based upon birth year. Players born between 1/1 and 12/31 of the same year will participate in the same age group.

Can my player play to an older group?

All players will participate in the appropriate age group. In rare cases, the technical staff may determine that the player’s development needs will not be met within their own age group. Players must receive prior approval from the WCU Technical Director to attend tryouts for an older age group.  

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