Frequently Asked Questions for 2019/2020 Tryouts

When will tryouts be held?

Tryouts will be held May 6-11 for boys teams and May 13-18 for girls teams.

How many tryout sessions should my player attend?

Players should attend at least two tryout sessions. 

Is there a fee to tryout with Washington Capital FC?

NO, our tryouts are free to everyone.

Does my child need to register for tryouts?

YES, all players must register online at

MAKE SURE THE CONTACT INFORMATION SUPPLIED DURING REGISTRATION IS CURRENT AND ACTIVE. This is how we will contact you regarding cancellations, schedule changes and player offers.

What should by child wear?

All players should wear a white shirt and dark shorts to tryouts. Players MAY NOT wear any other travel club uniform or apparel.

What should my child bring to tryouts?



Shin guards


How will my child be evaluated during tryouts?

At WCFC, our technical staff will evaluate your player’s character, technical ability and athleticism.

Our staff will look to determine:

  • Does your child like to compete?  

  • Does your child have a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the game?

  • Can your child manipulate the ball?

  • Can your child handle the ball under pressure?

  • Can your child make quick decisions on the field?

How will I know if my player is selected for a team?

All players will receive an email through our registration platform stating they have been invited to join a team, wait-listed or rejected.  All players who attend tryouts will receive a response regarding his/her 2019/2020 tryout session.

What does it mean to be wait-listed?

Wait-listed means should anyone reject an offer to join WCFC your will player will then be offered a position on the team for 2019/2020.

When will I be notified of tryout results?

Washington Capital FC strives to provide all players with offers within 72 hours of the last tryout session. 

How much does it cost to participate in WCFC?

See Dues and Scholarships page

When do I have to pay the deposit?

Deposits must be paid within 72 hours of receiving a player off.

For  the 2019/2020 open tryouts deposits must be paid by Friday, May 17th for boys and Friday, May 24th for girls.